Jacqueline Stieger studied painting at Edinburgh College of Art and in 1959 received the Royal Scottish Academy Award.
She now works as a sculptor, jeweller and medallist. Most of her pieces are cast in gold silver or bronze, using the lost wax technique. The scale of her work varies from large pieces of sculpture to small intricate jewellery, ranging from public commissions, work for universities and churches, to private commissions for individual clients.


Tel:01482 631207
Email:E-mail: ja@gruberstieger.karoo.co.uk

"I do most of my own casting, a part of the making process which fascinates me, and the continuous path of creating forms with drawing, modelling and materials which fit their context, is the challenge that forms the basis of my work."

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Gold "Charcoal" brooch with diamonds
Gold "Queen" pendant
with moonstone and pearls.
Silver bracelet
with Crysophrase& Lapis Lazuli

Silver and Gold "Peacock" bracelet
with Tourmalines