Jacqueline Warrington set up in business in 1984 designing and making her own range of jewellery, after leaving Sheffield School of Art, which has strong connections in silversmithing.
Jacqueline has participated in many important exhibitions, and has been successful in many events such as Dazzle, at which her work was consistently the most popular.
Recently she has established her own school in the village of Buckton on the East Yorkshire coast.

Address: 34 Main St
East Riding of Yorkshire
YO15 1HU
Tel:+44(0)1262 850034
Email: ja.warrington@virgin.net
Website: www.jacquelinewarrington.co.uk
"My work has an emphasis on strength and durability. The designs are carefully thought out with an organic feel, inspiration coming from the beautiful seascapes where I live and work.I combine both silver and gold, sometimes with precious stones, giving an interesting contrast in colour and form. Great care is taken in the production of my jewellery and silverware,I employ traditional techniques and each piece is hand polished to a high quality finish,resulting in, most importantly, comfortable jewellery to wear and silverware that is easy to use."

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Silver Bowl with Chasing and Repousse
Silver and Gold Teaspoons
Silver and Gold Necklace with Peridot and Garnet
Hand-raised Silver Tumblers with Chasing