Silina Pandelidou began her journey in art by studying graphic design and bookbinding then moved to Italy where she learned metalsmithing
and the last five years she lives on a small cycladic island where she studies painting and printmaking and works as a jeweller.
Her work can be found in jewellery shops in Greece and Europe.

"The straight line is godless" said Hundertwasser* and this quote defined my perspective of art.
My designs follow organic forms starting with the amorphos and evolving to seashells, flowers and this time leaves.
Working from the inside out, I play with the abstract, I define, I look back inside and transforming the metal, I frame my interpretations of nature's colours on paper.
* Austrian painter and architect (1928-2000)


Tel: +30 694 6750 399

Naoussa 84401
Paros island, Greece



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